Hope you all had a good month, aside from the usual altercations in game or chat.
Another year has passed and we are still here, annoying you all like always. But there is much more to come, so bear with us while we slowly do the changes.

Patch 139 change-log

- Guild Ranking Battle Changes:
-- GRB entry portal will now require a minimum of 3 players in party or raid in order to allow entering. All members of this party/raid must belong to the same guild.
-- GRB will allow players to re-enter if they, somehow, got out of the map (by dc, crash, death, etc).

- Lost Groves Changes:
-- I have created a "balanced thingy system" (professional name) that will modify a counter (per faction) every time someone enters or leaves that map. This counter will be checked against enemy faction value to maintain a balanced amount of players on both sides. For example: there is 1 AOL in map, only 2 UOF are allowed to enter until more AOL join.
-- We will be testing this system to see if it helps balance the raids without fear of over calling.
-- Its not perfect, but I'll keep updating to make it better. Just report and give suggestions about it.
-- This is a work in progress. If its welcomed, I'll keep working on it, if not, I'll find another solution.

- General Changes:
-- Toggleable skills will now have a cool down that will start when you turn them off.
-- AFK Debuff level 1 duration reduced from 30 minutes to 2 minutes but all consequences won't start until level 2. This is to give time to the player to react to being afk.
-- New command /mobs on|off to enable|disable rendering and update of mobs.
-- New command /chars on|off to enable|disable rendering of players, this is for those with critical fps issues.
-- Maps will now allow me to set up spawn point after a relog. This way we can set people to go directly to sitters place in event maps.
-- I have updated the name change system to be more strict on naming characters. From now on, no more 2 letter names or bigger count than allowed.
-- I have made several "improvements" to game rendering and usage of resources. I'll be doing some tests in live before releasing the final product. Fingers crossed, we will be able to reduce most freezes.

- Important:
-- The Mists (PvP) time has been changed from 17hs to 18hs. Moved 1 hour after GRB ends to give some breath time to players.

Let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions about current or future changes.
With this amount of changes, I expect at least 6 bugs.