Christmas is upon us and Santa is coming to bring coal to all the kids in this server!
Yes, you all know you have been naughty.

The Realms of Winter opens once more, evil forces are trying to bring chaos and destruction to the holidays and we must prevent it!
Adventure into the frozen steppes and find out who is behind all the nasty deeds.
Find Santa and his companions and help him out with the branch new quest lines, have fun and remember to leave some cookies on Christmas eve. For me, of course.

Patch 131 change-log:

- New Christmas quests, mounts and pets to discover.
- New quest line that will reward you with the new Tinsel Ornament Wings.
- Fixed an issue that allowed TP usage in blocked maps.
- Fixed the stats of UOF Two-Handed Swords to match their counterpart in AOL. Now both sides will have the same damages.
- Item OJ Transfer function will now allow the transfer of stats to same kind items no matter the faction. You will also find Enchant and Link transfer items along with OJ Transfer (drop from event bosses).
- Fixed quest completion system to only take the required amount of items instead of whole stacks.
- Fixed quest marks not showing in maps. Now all quests will show their markers.
- Accessory Lapis Lv1 (Rasyo, Inter, etc) have been added to Rusty Desert map drops.
- Old Christmas Wings are now dyeable.

Important: Yellow Grade (Medium Battle Runes)
I had to recode the whole battle rune system because it was not working as intended. Now that it works fine and we can make use of the +1 or +2...
I have added Medium Battle Runes (MBR) back to game. Drop locations will be the same as Weak Battle Runes. MBR can only be used by Yellow Grade characters.
By adding these runes now, current Yellow Grade characters are put into an unfair position versus future Yellow Grade characters, because they achieved their current kill values without any bonuses. This means every kill counted as 1 since 200.000 kills.
In order to make it fair for them, I will have to double the amount of kills they got since Yellow Grade. For example: if FakeUZC has 215.000 kills now, FakeUZC will receive 15.000 extra kills making it a total of 230.000 kills.