We thought it was time to give our healers a little boost here and there to see if it improves their life expectancy.
These changes are up for test, we will be checking how everything goes and do little changes if needed (or not).

Patch 113 change-log:

- You will now get a message in chat and a barrier effect when you hit an invulnerable mob or boss. These in-vulnerabilities come from a boss not called or from mob AI.
- Boss mini pets are now level 31+. Since we are keeping the max OJs intact, these became too powerful for lower levels.
- Fixed the position of names for Elf characters while using some mounts.
- Did some changes to the random drop system. It should be working fine now.
- Fixed raid invite when its on manual and already 30 members.
- Item tool tips have been redesigned to incorporate other useful data.
- Added missing title and effect to Little Rami pet.
- Fixed an issue that made you start casting the same spell again if you spammed the key too much.
- Dismantle function in Raids has been removed.

Priest | Oracle
- Skill Magic Veil cool down reduced by 90 seconds and duration increased by 3 minutes. The amount of attacks it can sustain was Increased by 1 but only at skill's max level.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Etain's Embrace to work properly if it was used just before Transformation Skill expired.
- Transformation Skill will now slightly increase your defenses for its duration.
- After being resurrected on a FFA/FF map, healers will have a 20 seconds untouchable buff instead of the default 10 seconds.

These 2 changes are big for gameplay and will be tested in live for a week to see how people react. Range was not reduced like last time, it should be the same and horizon lapis should now work on heals and dispel (not like before)
- Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for Line of Sight. Some tall objects or walls will now block your line of sight and give you an error when trying to use these spells.
- Dispel and Healing Spells will now check for spell range and automatically close distance to target if needed, unless you have no line of sight.

Return of The Iron Invasion
- The Vueltas Army is gathering resources around Relics at Proellium Frontier, Cantabillian and D-Water Borderlands.
- Each faction will be informed when a new extraction operation has started so you can go and fight it off.
- Lapis Extractors will spawn every 1 hour cycling between the 3 maps up to a total of 21 spawns per day.
- New NPC Artifact Technician can be found around the war camps on each of these maps that will help you salvage some components into 64k Microchip.
- Quest items are tradeable but limited.