Patch 111 change-log:

- Client version update. I have encrypted our client so we can safely add new stuff.
- Made some fixes to Borderless settings and added missing resolutions. I'll wait for more reports on issues and try to fix as long as their appear.
- Guild Warehouse size has been increased like with Personal Warehouse. Same amount of slots.
- Friendly FFA Map will now ignore active battle runes. All kills will be increased by 1 unless the map is set to have bonus kills.
- Fixed an issue that allowed party members target and attack invisible enemies in Friendly FFA.
- Boss mini pets will now give you a fancy title and an extra 10% critical damage bonus. Max OJs won't be modified.

Behind the scenes:
- Added support for map based kill quests so I can make quests requesting kills on certain maps.
- Removed fruit boxes from bosses.
- GM can now use Raid Command Sit | Play even if not in the same raid.

Thats all for now.
Report any issues you might find so I can fix later. No bugs, no job, right?