Good news everyone! CoG is back!

Summer event is over, no items were removed but all portals are now closed. If you still have quest items, you can keep them for the next time or sell to NPC.
On other news, I have made some changes to Canyon of Greed, again, after checking feedback from users. Almost got drowned by tears

Patch 107 change-log:
- Summer event has been disabled, all portals and maps are now closed.
- Canyon of Greed invisible walls have been removed and replaced with setback portals. Snipers have been removed and replaced with de-buffing guards. (watch out with these ones)
- Skill Razor Will duration extended to 30 minutes.
- Crit Pet has been renamed to Falkor and will now auto pick up items and gold like before.
- New Command: /titles on|off to enable|disable showing player titles. This setting will be saved after relog.
- Using Magic Arrow will automatically target the closest enemy but only if you have no target already selected.
- Fixed range issue on archer/hunter when attacking same faction players.
- Fixed chat bubble not showing up when transformed into mobs.
- Fixed name not showing up when transformed into mobs. It will only be shown when player is targeted.
- BOT Police has been updated. You will now have to select 1 out of 4 buttons containing the number provided by the message.

Let me know if you find any issues, thank you all.