- Raid Random Drop option was reworked:
-- It will now give one item to a different eligible member up to the maximum of items it can drop. (in most cases, this value is 9)
-- The order of these items will be randomized, so you can't fix your position in raid to get the one you want. (will also work like this for team order)
-- Quest items will only go to those players with the quest active and will only drop in floor if the player is not eligible to receive the item.
-- Note: An eligible player is a member of the killing raid that is close by and alive. If that player is not close to the kill, or its dead, or its teleporting around, item will go to the next one until there is no one else. No items should drop on floor anymore.

General changes:
- Elemental icons will now be shown for equipped items.
- Fixed tool tip information for items equipped in different war modes than the one active. It should now show correct lapis/enchantment/ojs data.
- Fixed an issue preventing getting a trade request while warehouse rune was active.
- Fixed an issue preventing the use of warehouse rune on new maps.
- Trade/Duel requests will now be automatically rejected if you have a window dialog open. (npc dialogs, trade, bank, wh, extract/link, etc)
- Trade channel has been disabled inside GRB to prevent nonsense spam.
- Dragon pet obtained from the last quest in Mother of Raptors quest chain has been upgraded to 45 days duration.
- While in PvP Maps or PvP Matches and not in a Duel: changes to enemy equipment, other than weapons, will not be rendered by your client in order to reduce game freezes. We will be testing this feature the next few days and if it does indeed improve the overall playing experience, it will stay.
- Blessing of the Goddess will now take 3 minutes to fully reset.
- New graphic options that will allow you to enable or disable the processing of in-game shaders. By disabling shaders you will get considerably more FPS out of the game.
- New graphic options to enable or disable border less window.