Patch 89 change-log:

- Raid Mark message will now display the name of the player that killed the target.
- Raid Window Health Bars will now blink when that player has an active debuff allowing healers to instantly identify them. This might need more testing, just let me know if you see it blink with a debuff you can't dispel.
- Changed PR/VR/Teodores/Pantanasa to PvP Maps so you can't instantly teleport by using move to battlefield function.
- Fixed an issue with Infinite Dungeon messages showing up after relog.
- Fiery wings texture replaced with a better quality one.
- Not a bot respawn time changed to 8 hours.
- Minimap will now show different colored dots for friendly, enemy or unknown players.
- Added a new button on Dyeing Window so you can remove your current item's dye.
- Skill Third Eye can now be casted in dungeons (CoG, Dios Room, etc).

- Pet Eira has been changed due to the amount of fps it was consuming.
-- If you own one and want me to change it, send me a message in discord with the name of the new pet you want.
- Changed all current Skill and Stat reset stones to account bound, but new ones that you get from level 80 pack will still be character bound.

More Important:
- Server Timezone has been changed to UTC so its more easy to make conversions.

How the radar will look now: White (friendly), Red (enemy), Grey (unknown)

Dyeing Window: Clear Dye button will allow you to remove all custom colors from your items.