Update 86 Change-log:

- General fixes and changes to client files to reduce file sizes and loading times.
- Fix on safe zones to prevent area damage when you are inside one.
- Seraphim and Dios rooms are now considered pvp maps so you have to wait 10 seconds to port by using the move to battlefield function.
- Fix on 'inspect' function that will show wings in the correct position.
- Untouchable potion animation was removed, now you can use it while moving. Effect still remains.
- Potions linked to skills (such as remedies, candies, etc) wont be able to be used while moving.
- PvP Matches map has been changed to Arena map, having both teams spawn on opposite sides behind an invisible wall.

- Skill Critical Strike was changed so it affects critical hit instead of hit rate.
- Skills that affect hit rate will now apply a value in % and not in flat numbers. Skills such as Razor Will, Sharpshooter, etc, should work as intended, giving you an extra bonus based on a % of your current hit rate.

- New Raid Target Mark
-- Leader and sub leader can now press Control+F to mark an enemy target and send an automatic message informing raid members.
-- Mark and message will only be seen by all raid members in sight of target.
-- Killing the target will remove the mark and inform raid members.
-- Marked target can be selected by just pressing F. Previous F function (fkey) will still work over this one if you have a friend selected. If your friend doesn't have a target, pressing F again will switch to raid mark.

- New setting's window that will allow you to save your preferences.

- New Hope Costume (made by Scattie) has been added to the game. Soon you will find it in our item mall.

As always, if you find any issues, let us know and we will fix them as soon as possible.