A new group of robots have been seen roaming around Proelium Frontier, we still don't know what they are up to, but we will find out.
Incursion into this zone and deliver our welcome message.

Patch Notes:
- Raids have been extended to 150 players.
- Not a Bot (Lv15 Boss) was added to Proelium Frontier (12h respawn). Once killed, it will spawn the next boss in line. There are 5 new bosses in that zone.
- New accessory lapis lv60+ that only drops from these tier 15 bosses.
- Fruit boxes are back on menu! These will spawn around bosses to randomize a little bit the drop order. We will be testing this in the next week.
- Mists PvP: Relic Protector was replaced by Raptor Slayer.
- Important: Bosses will now be invulnerable until a /call command is performed 3 times. I'll remove our rule to call 3 times since its now ineffective.
- Absolute Recreation Runes are no longer bound to character/account.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some quest items to be stored or traded.
- Fixed an issue with Resurrection skill and targets not dead.
- Fixed an issue with some dialogs (infinite dungeon, move to battlefield) allowing a character to stay in place instead of being moved by lures or skills when the mouse was over the popup window.
- All wings are now level 1.
- Using skills while mounted will now un-mount you.
- Added a new system to allow mutes to persist after relog and become account wide.
- The BOT Police is back on duty! Watch out, you better show those papers or be ready to get boot out of game.

And as always, report any issues you might found. Thanks.