Today's maintenance brought the end of all Christmas related stuff and a few other minor changes.

Patch notes:
- Christmas related events have been removed. Including decorations, quests, mobs and reward boxes.
- Fixed an issue with screenshot button and emote button sharing cooldown with everyone in map. Emote (5s) cooldown and Screenshot (2s) cooldown will now work as intended.
- Target Resurrection Runes will now have a casting time. (needs live testing)
- Skill Target Lock will now work as intended by ignoring DEX on the opponent and giving you a 100% hit rate on auto attack or skills that use auto attack to land.
- Skill Charge cannot be used while jumping. To prevent client syncing issues.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the normal duration of animations by moving your mouse over certain windows.
- Boss pets are now account bound.

Hope everything is fine, please report any issues you might find.