Spooky Halloween!
Halloween Zombies and Halloween Pumpkins have been seen roaming around our battle zones.
Help your faction by exterminating these pests and keeping their generals in line.

If you wander too much around them, you will find who is in charge and that would be the Mad Pumpkin (Lv15), the Mad Pumpkin Princess (Lv30) and the Mad Pumpkin Queen (Lv80)!
Oh and by the way, if you see The Most Ugly Pumpkin (Lv80) in the world, stomp it!

The Nightmare before Halloween
Help Jack the Skeleton free his wife from the hands of the Mad Pumpkin Queen by gathering the required materials for it.
You will require three special pumpkins for him to regain his strength. Check out around the city for someone to help you out.

A witch's gift (Daily)
Talk to Esther/Aisha and help her out by gathering the candies she want. Witches like candy too!

Nightmare on Halloween (Daily)
Lapoon/Hashi have trouble sleeping. Find out why!

All NPC are in your Capital City.
Mad Pumpkin spawns in Proelium Frontier every 8 hours.
Mad Pumpkin Princess spawns in Cantabilian every 8 hours.
Mad Pumpkin Queen spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.
The Most Ugly Pumpkin spawns in D-Water Borderlands every 8 hours.