- GRB time is back to 18hs like before.
- Perfect Weapon Lapisia added to Core 1, 2, 3 and 4. Same as Core 5.
- Gold Bars are now tradable.
- Added some weapons to level up boxes Lv51 and Lv70.
- Duration on some buffs has been increased to 30 minutes. Let me know in suggestions (by skill name) if I forgot some.
- Lots of drop rates changed, I will update the drop list file soon. Mostly, increased rates and moved some items to another zones.
- There is a new system for map drops that allows me to add more content in it by item group ID instead of individual item IDs. You should feel you are getting less items but this change will allow us to get more variation of items in the future.
- Security changes has been made to the client to prevent the use of dual boxing and some speedhack programs.

As always, feel free to drop more suggestions about past, present and future changes.