View Full Version : Updates: 2019-08-08: Small changes

08-09-2019, 03:43 AM
Patch 108 change-log:

- Changes to Canyon of Greed:
-- Tunnels will be kept unwalled for now.
-- A no-skill zone has been added to the tunnel entrance to prevent players healing or dispelling from the inside.
-- Debuff guards have been changed: range is reduced but with increased area of effect and will only lower your attack speed.
-- All changes to CoG are still part of our tests to make this map more enjoyable and fair to everyone.

- Changes to Caelum Sacra F3:
-- Added a new safe spawn location so you can load the map without being killed. Once in the map, you will see a portal that will move you to the boss room.

- Setting up a raid will now automatically select random loop option.
- Boss and other mobs with custom AI will always process their drops as if random loot was enabled, no matter what you have selected in your raid config.
- Recreation Roll window will now show the item current values as shown in the screenshot.
- New command /guildnames on|off to enable|disable showing guild names. This setting will be saved after relog.
- Game window settings reverted to original state. Borderless and Show Taskbar options will be ignored for now until I find a better way to set it up.
- Warehouse display has changed from 40 slots per page to 80 slots per page, keeping the amount of max slots (for now).
- Price for 7d Elixirs have been reduced by 30%.
- Permanent Elixirs will be added to WebShop in shortly after update. These potions are character bound but the bundle is tradeable.