View Full Version : Updates: 2018-12-11: Christmas!

12-11-2018, 05:14 PM
- Christmas Patch is now active until 10th January.
- All relics have been transformed into Christmas Trees and if you are really lucky, they will drop you a Tiny Christmas Tree Pet.
- Elusive Christmas Goat will spawn (x2) at Theodores and Pantanasa in random spots. If you are lucky enough to see one, kindly invite others to kill it with you.
- Important: A new popup will appear on you while farming to make sure you are paying attention. Failing this validation will create a record and having multiple records might end up with your account suspended.
- Infinite dagger and shield scrolls (lv80) added to the NPC at Infinite Sanctuary.
- Infinite shields (lv80) added to the Infinite Weapon Converter.
- Removed the ability to call bosses in guild houses.
- Raptor Slayer boss received a little buff to make it last longer.

Dios Exiel Dungeon
- A bind point was added so you can spawn (after death) in your safe zone.
- Guards have been added to tunnels so you are not camped when exiting the portals from your safe zone, moving the pvp far into dios room instead of next to portal.
- We will be testing these changes to see the impact they have in game.