View Full Version : Updates 2018-08-15: Warmodes and more

08-15-2018, 02:27 PM
- Warmode System has been modified to change your level between [Current], [15], [30], [60] and [80].
-- If your character is currently in mode1 (15) or mode2 (30), you will need to change to normal mode and then switch back to those modes to reset your level, stats, skills.
-- Make sure you unequip your gear before switching out or you will get stuck in place (as a security measure) until you do.

- Infinite Sanctuary changes:
-- Core 1 will now require you to be level 15 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv1 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv15.
-- Core 2 will now require you to be level 30 or below to enter. Infinite Box Lv2 now contains Infinite Weapons Lv29.

- Deep Desert 1 is now a level 70-80 map. Medicine Merchant was added to spawn point.
- Deep Desert 2 is now a level 60 map, all mobs from DD1 were moved to this map.
- /call command will now include map name.
- Minimum required players to open GRB map has been changed to 3.
- Guild Manager added to Auction House.
- Auctions can now be set up with a 7 day duration.
- Cross faction whisper is now enabled.
- Level requirement for all mounts has been decrease to level 1.
- Fixed the value of points of WIS to Attack to be multiplier of 1.3 as intended.
- There is a check added to login server to prevent people from faction hopping. You will now need to wait 15 minutes to switch between different faction accounts.