View Full Version : Updates 2018-07-13: Some changes! - Event Forgotten Resort has ended

07-13-2018, 06:18 PM
Changes for today:

- New player command /call to send an announcement to your faction when calling for bosses.
-- Target the boss and type /call to send it. This command is only available while in union party to leaders and sub leaders.

- Fixed a teleport issue in one of the Infinite Dungeon stages where you were spawned below the floor.
- EXP increasing stones will be ignored if you are level 15, 30 or 60 and you are in your pvp map.
- Death counter has been removed.
- Fixed the most disgusting bug in-game: "Obtaineditem_name" will now read "Obtained item_name".
- Healing Potions and Super Potions will now heal 50%.
- Etain Potions now heal 75% and share cool down with healing potions.
- Arcane Potions now heal 100% and share cool down with super potions.
- Whisper to GMs is now allowed to both factions.
- GMs can now send [Trade] messages that will be read by both factions.
- Mount Black Wing is now instant cast as its supposed to be.
- Mount Bluephant is now level 1.
- GRB instances wont expire until the end of it so you cannot reset bosses any more.
- Forgotten Resort event has ended and its portal is closed.
- Mists map changed. We will now have Mists PvE on wednesdays and Mists PvP on sundays. Portals will be in the same place.
- New scrolls on Petra Monroe to exchange 20 Vials and 40 Normal RR for 20 Stat RR.
- Warehouse Recall Runes can now be obtained from Mists and GRB drops.
- Luminous Boxes required by Luminous Chest Converter reduced to 6.
- Infinite Weapons required by Infinite Weapon Converter reduced to 2.
- Lapis Creation Kits success rate was increased to 100% and its price reduced.
- Priest/Oracle: increased defense of luminous armor by 100 per piece giving you a total of +500 def. We will be testing these values to see if healers get more survivability.
- Bosses AI modified to control if enough players are around to kill it otherwise the boss is rendered immune. They will also spawn a box filled with random useless items to randomize drop once its killed.(edited)
- Dios Exiel, Commander Opal and Greendieta Seraphim have been modified with higher level, increased hp and more loot.(edited)
- Potion's Bag added to Infinite Dungeon boxes.
- Removed Stat RR from Infinite Dungeon.
- Removed 3h Continuous Resurrection Rune from Infinite Dungeon.
- Drop Rates in GRB and Mists increased a bit. Mists PvP has higher rates than Mists PvE.

- You can now right click to remove 'removable buffs'. (instead of shift+right click plus accepting the popup)
- Pressing R to cycle skills will step over the current slot if it requires a chain to be used.
- Skill Dispel Lv2 is now instant. Dispel Lv1 cast time reduced from 0.75 to 0.5.
- Skill Impact Buffer now lasts 30 minutes.
- Skill Arcane Aura now lasts 30 minutes.
- Skill Bomber Shot cool down reduced from 16s to 13s.
- Skill Fan Shot cool down reduced from 15s to 12s.
- Skill Blood Rain cool down reduced from 15s to 12s.
- Skill Bull's Eye cool down reduced from 8s to 6s.
- Skill Sustained Shot cool down reduced by half.
- Skill Entice range reduced to 4.

- New Boss Summoning stones to be rewarded after each GRB to the top 3 guilds.
-- You can only use these stones at your Guild House and the Guild Leader must inform all his members of this event.
-- This event reward will start working next week, but this weekend top guilds will receive their stones.