View Full Version : Maintenance Updates 2018-04-08

04-08-2018, 05:47 PM
This is the list of updates for today:

Added Large Extraction Hammer to NPC Cassandra Nox.
-- People were asking for an extraction hammer. The 'large' version was added to the NPC at AH for 10m.
New NPC at AH "Mysterious Woman" selling (30 days) Instant Boards.
Wings are now tradable.
-- All wings except Halloween Wings are now tradable.
Max Flash is back for items level 15.
Fixed in-game colored text description's padding. Finally!
Adjusted some values to allow more items to drop from the map drop list.
-- There were a few reports of some items not dropping like they should so I've changed some values here and there to adjust it.
Moved some Fury guards a little far away from sentry guards.
-- There was an issue with a player attacking behind guard line so I moved the mobs a little far away from that line. We will see how this works out.
Added more Light guards to balance the numbers.
Added some PvP Debuffs not showing up in Party/Union Party.
Raised the drop rate of Etins in GRB.
General Mob stats and drops adjusted.