View Full Version : Maintenance Updates 2018-03-26

03-26-2018, 01:59 PM
General Changes
- Important: Removed x10 drop rate.
-- I have removed the x10 because it was added to help with the gold farming, but since I've changed the gold amounts, there is no point on getting your inventories full of useless items.
-- I did some adjusts to most mob drops for useful items so you will kind of not notice the change. But if you find out something is not dropping like before (after a few hours of testing) just let me know and I will adjust even more.
- Added Warehouse Keepers to maps PvP 15 & 30.
- Proelium Capes, Canta Capes & Goddess Capes are now tradable and were added to the respective map drops.
- Added missing Craft Lapis LV9 and Absorption Lapis LV9 to drops.
- Added missing Earth Alchemy Powder to global drops again.
- Removed Luminous Brigand from GRB, added Eiphilos back.
- Added [1]Etin drop to all normal mobs in GRB.
- Changed lots of item's max stack from 10 to 100.
- Added new SET bonus for level 15 Imperial Armors.

Client Changes
- Minimap dots for players in invisible / stealth mode will not be seen by other players.
- Changed item's tooltip: added a new line showing if the item is account/char bound and changed the line showing restriction to be more informative.
- Changed the color of some items to be more readable.
- Changed the color of Staff character's name to be more readable.