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    Confess your Feelings! 2017

    Time to confess your secret feelings Eternians!

    Event Info

    Event starts on 14.02 and will end on 28.02. On that day, the event will be closed and then we will choose the winners.

    To participate on this event, you need to send me a PM with your confession. It must include the following parts:
    From: Your character name. Please specify here if you want it anonymous so I don't post your name in public.
    To: Name of the character you dedicate your confession to.
    Confession: The confession you want to make!

    If you don't want to make a love confession, but you still want to participate on the event, you can do a friendship confession, or just dedicate nice words to someone you appreciate. It's valid as long as there are good intentions and nice feelings. Anything negative will be disqualified.

    Your confession can be just a few sentences explaining your feelings, a small brief letter, or even a poem, as long as you created it yourself and didn't copy it from anywhere.

    Once I receive your PM, I will post it on this thread. If you have decided to do it anonymously, I won't share your name, but you still will be able to share your confession so your special person reads it ^^

    How will we choose the winners? We will judge depending on different factors, like originality, effort shown on the confession, if the confession is cute, funny, etc. Don't worry if you participate as anonymous, since I have your real character names on my PMs, you will be able to receive your prize properly.

    Example of valid entry:

    From: Arashu
    To: DragonBorn
    You make me work so much
    from day to night
    but all troubles I forget
    when you call me senpai <3

    Event Rules

    • Only one participation per person. Even if we would like to allow you to do a thousand confessions, obviously this is still an event, so you can only have one participation, or it's unfair xD IPs will be checked as always.

    • Confessions have to contain the 3 parts (From, To, Confession) to be valid and I post them here.

    • Entries trying to mock, disrespect, or insult someone will be invalid, this event is only for nice feelings.

    • Confessions must be original and created by you. This means that any text, letter, poem, you wrote, can't belong to someone else and of course can't just be copied from the internet. Googling it's easy to find if you are using another person's work. If you try to do this, you will be completely disqualified from the event and won't have another chance.

    • Entries need to follow all our forum and game rules.

    Event Prizes
    We will choose from 1 to 3 Winners, depending on how much participation we have.
    Each winner will receive an Unicorn Mount, (the color is your choice) + Eternia Fan Title.

    Good luck!
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