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    Twitter Love 2017

    Hello Eternians! Our Twitter needs your love!

    With this event, you will be able to help us gain followers in our twitter account, and also win some amazing rewards!
    On top of that, from now on you won't miss any important announcement we do in our server.

    Event Info

    Event starts on 14.02 and will end on 28.02. On that day, the event will be closed and then we will choose the winners.

    To participate on this event, you need to follow 2 steps:
    1. Follow our twitter account: @EG_LastChaos
    2. Tweet us the name of your character. You need to mention us in your tweet (@EG_LastChaos) so we can see it.

    Winners will be decided by raffle.

    Example of valid entry:

    First make sure you are following us:

    Then tweet something like this (with your name instead of mine xD)

    Event Rules

    • Only one participation PER PERSON. You cannot send a tweet for each one of your characters. You can't make fake multiaccounts in twitter to try and cheat and get more participations. You can only send ONE tweet from ONE account with ONE character name, and that's it. Character names sent to us will have their IPs investigated and people who breaks the rules will be disqualified.

    • You need to do both things for your entry to be valid: Following us AND send us the tweet with your name.

    • If you unfollow or delete the tweet before the event has finished and winners chosen, your entry will be obviously invalid.

    • Make sure that the name you send is a character you own, and the one you wish to receive your prize on.

    Event Prizes
    We will choose from 1 to 3 Winners, depending on how much participation we have.
    Each winner will receive a B6 Ring of their choice.

    Good luck!
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