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    Market Section Rules

    Market Section Rules

    Please read these rules before posting on the Market Subforum:

    • Staff can't and won't intervene in any kind of transaction. These are considered private and strictly between players. Staff will only intervene if someone breaks the rules, and we receive a proper report about it.

    • Transactions or any talk about transactions with real money involved are forbidden. This includes trying to buy or sell items, characters or game accounts for real money.

    • Trading, trying to trade, or talking about trading items, characters or accounts in our server for items, characters or accounts in other servers is completely forbidden.

    Also, please remember:

    • Once your transaction is finished, please remember to post on the thread stating that the thread can be closed, and a moderator will do it.

    • Threads with zero activity during 3 months or more will be closed. Threads older than 1 year will be archived. If you have a thread ongoing for a long time, please make sure you post once each 3 months on it, or we will consider it abandoned.
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