How to Record and Upload a Video

Hello Eternians! On this guide I will explain how to make a video and upload it, so you can record proof for when you need to report someone, or for anything else you need. I will also explain how to fix the file size problem when recording with Fraps, since many players use that program.

1. Get a recording program
Any recording program is valid, as long as the video has enough good quality. On this guide we will use Fraps, but if you want to use any other program you already have, then skip the first steps and go directly to the Upload part.

Remember that if you want to use Fraps, you need a full version of this program, or you will only be able to record 30 seconds, and in most cases that is not enough time to prove many infractions. But it's extremely easy to find the full version just google it, trust me. So get a full one!

2. Configuration
Once you have your Fraps program, open it, and click on Movies. Make sure all the options are like the ones on this picture and everything will be ok.

3. Recording
Open Fraps first, then open the Game. If everything is working properly you will see yellow numbers on one corner of the screen. Everytime you press the key selected on the picture above (on this case F9), you will start recording, and then numbers will change to red. If you press it again, recording will stop, and then the file will be sent to whatever folder you have specified on the Movies section (also shown on the picture above).

4. Processing
Since this program records with high quality, the video files will be very heavy, and probably have a few GB if your video is longer than 1 minute. You can't just upload a video like this or it will take too long. But this size can be easily reduced though in a minute with the free program Windows Movie Maker that comes free with all Windows. If you don't have installed, you can get it for free on Microsoft Windows website. But you most likely have it already.

For this example I have recorded a 02:00 minute video, and it came out with a size of 4.06 GB. So lets see how to reduce that easily.

Open Windows Movie Maker. Drag your video into the window or just use Open and select it. Once it's loaded, you will see it like this:

Now you don't need to do anything anymore, you don't have to touch it at all. Just go to File and Save Movie as, and then select Recommended for this project, and it will open a window where you can select where to save the new video. On the file type make sure it says MPEG-4. Now just click save.

Now the video that we recorded, that had a size of 4.06 GB, is only 98.7 MB. And the only thing you had to do is open it and save as another format!

Why doing this instead of lowering the settings on the Fraps program itself? Because even if you lower Fraps settings to the minimum, the video will still weight too much, and you will lose a lot of quality, to the point of getting videos that you can barely see. However by doing this process, you will lower the size but still keep your videos in high quality.

5. Uploading
Use Youtube. There is really no other better or faster choice. Log in in your Youtube account, and click Upload. Drag your video in there and write whatever you want on the Title, Description, etc while it uploads. On this case, this example video needed 2 minutes to upload.

Important: If you don't want anyone to see that you did this video, because it is a report or something, then select to make the video "Hidden". On this option, the video won't appear on your youtube account, and only the people who you give the link, will be able to see it. That way you can send the link to Staff, and no one else will know. The other two options are "Public", where anyone can see, or "Private", where no one can see it except you. These two are not recommended for reports.

We say this because some people records a video and uploads it, sends it to us, then quickly they delete it in fear of someone knowing they reported something. If you send a link and then delete it, when we get to check the link, there's nothing there! We can't do anything. DON'T delete your videos until at least a period of 30 days after doing your report. This way we can always go back and consult the video in case something new appears. Just use the "Hidden" option in your video and no one will know you recorded it.

Once it's done, it will take a couple of more minutes to process, but soon you will see that your video is ready, and on high quality!

Then you just need to send us the link to the video. Remember that you need to submit your reports creating a thread on the Behavior Reports section. Only ADM and HGM can see your posts in there.

Like this, you can have your video program open anytime while you play, and press a key at any time to record anything you need. If you are playing and suddenly you caught someone hacking, you can start recording in just a second. And once you have everything prepared, you can record and upload a video in less than 10 minutes.

If you have any doubts or issues please send me a PM!