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    Artifact Hunter

    Artifact Hunter

    ✾ You can acquire an artifact:
    - Killing monsters in PvP Channels.
    - Killing other players holding an artifact.
    - Combining several artifacts (only for higher ones).

    ✾ There are 3 different kinds of artifacts:

    1. Artifact of Angel
    4 Artifacts available per Channel.

    2. Artifact of Archangel
    2 Artifacts available per Channel.

    3. Artifact of Seraphim
    1 Artifact available per Channel.

    ✾ Server Announcements
    Everytime someone acquires an artifact, a server announcement will appear with the name of the player and the zone. An announcement will also appear if the artifact holder changes map, disconnects, etc.

    ✾ Compass of Artifact
    This Item allows you to track people holding artifacts. You will see an icon in the map like this:

    ✾ Stats

    ✾ Combining Artifacts
    You can combine artifacts on the Miner Trainer, on the option Combine Artifacts.

    2 Artifact of Angel = 1 Artifact of Archangel
    2 Artifact of Archangel = 1 Artifact of Seraphim

    ✾ Losing an Artifact
    You will lose your artifact:
    - When you log out.
    - Dying in PvP.
    - When the time expires.

    ✾ What you can't do:
    While using an artifact, you can't:
    - Enter Guild Hall.
    - Enter Dungeons.
    - Enter Royal Rumble.

    ✾ Important Event Rule
    It is forbidden to stay inside safezones for long periods of time if you are holding an artifact. You must stay on PvP zones where other players can kill you so the event can keep going.

    Extended clarification since some seem to not understand this rule: It is not allowed to stay in a safezone with an artifact for more than 10 minutes. Safezone refers to any place where another player can't PK you, city or not. No matter if you are AFK or not. You can be in city, being in front of your keyboard, and talking to people, but that doesn't matter, if you are holding the artifact for long inside city, you are breaking the rule. Of course if you are AFK with artifact while being in safezone for long, you are breaking the rule too.

    The artifact must stay on PvP areas so the Event keeps going. If a GM catches you staying in safezones for long, you will get kicked and lose your artifact. If there are reincidences, you might get infracted.

    Trying to find hidden places on the maps where you can bug yourself against walls, rocks, etc., to avoid getting killed while having artifact, is also forbidden, and besides breaking this artifact rule, it also breaks one of your gameplay rules about terrain exploiting, and the punishment with be a ban.

    Please respect the rules of this Event so everyone can play it fairly, thanks.

    ✾ Important New Feature

    From now on, when you enter a safezone while holding the artifact, a timer will start counting. After 10 minutes, if you haven't left the safezone, the artifact will dissapear from your inventory and you will lose it.

    You will get several warnings when there's 3 minutes and 1 minute left for the timer to finish.

    To avoid people staying on the exact border between a safezone and a regular zone, going in and out, the timer won't restart unless you stay outside for a considerable amount of time. This means, if you enter a city, and then go out and try to enter again, the timer won't restart. You will have to stay outside city for a longer period for your timer to restart.
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