Hey everyone!
Sadly, Halloween has come to an end and everything should be removed with this patch. Hope you all enjoyed while it lasted.

Patch 130 change-log:

- Halloween event is over. All related drops and quests have been removed. Locus Graveyard and dungeons will be kept available but only Graveyard Terror boss will stay.
- Olgar, the pet that you receive from PvP Monthly Reward will now give you 10% extra critical damage (same as the ones in shop).
- Weak Battle Runes will now automatically lose effect once you reach Yellow Rank, even if you still have the buff, kills will count as 1.
- New chat filter options. You now have more options to filter in or out from your system messages.
- Raid window will now show, in grey, those players that are in a different map than yours.
- Character allowed per account increased by 1. You can now have 6 characters in total. NO, I will not be transferring characters from different accounts.

FFA Changes: in order to make FFA more anonymous, we have made the following changes:
- Raid UI has been removed.
- Weapon and Costumes will now be shown as non dyed.
- Players can not longer target dead characters.
- "Previous target" value will be cleared when that player dies (the one you get when you press backspace).
- Names will now be shown as "Enemy" if you join the raid from outside FFA map.

New filter options

New Raid window colors

New character select display