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    Just Keto Diet However, step on the brake with this food if you are dieting: every 10g of sesame has 59 calories. Soy derivatives Soy is one of the biggest sources of tryptophan we can find in the diet. "It is also rich in protein, calcium and fiber, and helps in reducing high cholesterol," says Renata Fidelis. You can ingest soybeans in the form of roasted grain, milk or even pâté, along with a toast - which would be the source of carbohydrate, helping in the absorption of tryptophan. In addition, those who suffer from gas when drinking milk can ingest soy without fear - lactase, a substance difficult to digest in milk, is not in the soy version. 1. Eat every three hours Long fasts make the body burn more muscle mass and store greasy tissue. 2. Vary the menu Try foods that are not just your favorites. 3. Bet on Fruits Eat three to six fruits a day (if you give, with bark / bagasse) and foods with fiber (whole grains, vegetables and greens). 4. Drink water outside of meals Drink a glass five to ten minutes before eating, but not during the meal (only one hour later). Take two to three liters of water a day. 5. Eat salads before Invest in salad before meal - this avoids overdoing the main course. 6. Season with herbs Oil and salt do not flavor food, but herbs do! Abuse them! 7. Stay away from frying Instead of attacking frying, opt for baked and cooked foods. 8. Avoid bulky meals Especially at night, because excess nutrients tend to become body fat. 9. Take your menu Sausages, mayonnaise, sour cream, processed products, white sugar and alcoholic beverages - especially at night. Candy? Once a week. Prefer lean meats and skinless chicken. 10. Prefer 1 Carbohydrate Do not eat more than one carbohydrate (rice, pasta, potato) per meal. 11. Ask for the light option Go of thin batter pizzas, without stuffed edges and light stuffing (zucchini, tuna, arugula and dried tomatoes, etc.). 12. Eat legumes Beans, chickpeas, peas. You can eat them four times a week.
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