Freshly Bloom Keto You will need clay, it must be diluted in warm water, add three tablespoons of cinnamon and mix everything. With a mixture, coat the body and wrap it with a film. After half an hour, wash the mixture; mustard wrap. A glass of powder should be stirred in water and applied to the skin. Then you should wrap yourself with a film and cover yourself with a blanket. The procedure should last 20 minutes. It is very important to check the skin for an allergic reaction before wrapping - apply a little mixture to a small area and wait a few minutes; seaweed is the most effective way to lose weight in frogs. Buy them at the pharmacy and fill them with water for twenty minutes. When they swell, apply them to your feet and wrap them with foil. Wash off the algae after an hour. If you want to become slimmer in shorts, honey and chocolate will also help. Special teas will help you lose weight effectively. They remove toxins and toxins, excess fluid, normalize metabolism and break down fats. Therefore, brew herbs such as immortelle, plantain, horsetail, rosemary, ginseng, lingonberry leaf, hellebore, burdock, and dandelion. Such teas can be drunk once or twice a day. What other way can I apply? Herbal bath. The above herbs can also be used for baths. They will act not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Tincture of fenugreek plants is called Helba. This drink is considered traditional in the Middle East. Every person who has visited Egypt at least once tasted the Helba Egyptian tea is a kind of visiting card. The drink has useful properties, it helps to lose weight, and its popularity is growing rapidly. The plant is used for cooking in many cuisines of the world, vegetarians add it to their treats. Nutritionists believe that tart taste is just what people lack for a full sense of satiety.