October is here and we need to prepare for Halloween! But before that, I wanted to release these changes so we can focus on the next event patch.

Patch 119 change-log:

- Skill Armored Tank redesign (since current one was kind of lame)
-- Instead of giving REC to your target, it will now give some Absorption, depending on the level of the skill. (cannot be used on self)
-- Cool down increased to 80 seconds
-- Range increased to 20 meters.
-- Keep time stays at 12 seconds.
-- Level required by each skill level was also changed to accommodate the new absorption values.

- Canyon of Greed
-- Invisible portals on the left and right side of each faction's base have been moved closer to spawn. That pvp free farm area? no more.
-- Removed some obstacles from mid area, lowered a bit some others to allow healers cast spells easily.

- Stable Erde
-- Respawn is now possible on this map. You will be automatically moved to the default zone for your level.

- General
-- The cool down of Teleportation Stones, Movement Runes, Summon Party Member, Summon Raid and all Town Portal Runes has been set to 2 seconds.
-- Fixed the walking animation problem when transforming into mobs.
-- Changed the healer's skill Evolution so they can't transform you into a mob if you are mounted.
-- Fixed an issue that made your char stand up for no apparent reason.
-- Changed so your target is cleared when your selected character dies.
-- Event maps are now no TP zone, so you can't use teleportation items or skills to go into them.
-- Stacking of lures is now possible as long as the skill used is different as the one currently in your target.

That's all for now, let me know if you find any issues.