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    Crystal White Smile Correction in this case means the removal of the whole structure and the insertion of retention apparatus to support the teeth (reteners, rings and basist plates). Features of care: Teeth care Regularly maintain oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay. Use brushes, brushes and irrigators to clean the mouth and teeth from dirt and food residue. Do not be afraid to spend half an hour on hygiene - later adapt yourself and you will spend it faster. According to the doctor's instructions, visit the clinic in the allotted time for re-examination and correction. Try not to eat solid and sticky foods: crackers, toffee, chewing gum. How much wear lingual braces After installing the necessary retention apparatus, they will have to be worn from one to two years. This period is in principle equal to the average time correction values of the remaining braces, and even higher than some of them. Cost of lingual braces Cost of lingual braces Since the installation of such a correction system requires additional visits and uses the technology of fixing on the inner side of the teeth, it is not difficult to guess that the price will be higher than the rest of the bracket systems. In Moscow, you can find equipment with lingual braces per jaw from 7,000 rubles and above. In addition, sometimes the price does not include work on fixing and removing the structure after installation with a doctor. In our clinic, the cost of the service includes all necessary procedures for the best correction of patients' problems. Wearing any bracket system aims to correct the problems of improper bite or incorrect growth of teeth. However, the adjustment process does not all go smoothly: discomfort during treatment and negative emotions because of the appearance of braces put many people at a standstill. In addition, for some individuals, appearance plays an important role in their daily or professional life, so wearing challenging braces is not a panacea for them. The solution to these problems are ceramic braces .
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