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    EssentialKeto A week later, look what was superfluous in the diet, and try to exclude it. Forget about diets. After all, diet is something that you should stick to all your life. And it is almost impossible, and not always effective. Try to eat every three hours in small portions. So you will not feel the feeling of hunger and do not outweigh. Count the calories. Print a table of calorie foods. Over time, you learn it by heart. The main thing is that the daily diet should not be less than 1300 and not more than 1800 calories if you are trying to lose weight. Do sports. It is not enough just to keep track of your nutrition; your muscles also need a load. Take at least 20 minutes a day of exercise. In addition, the muscles themselves are active tissue, i.e. even in a calm state, a muscular body consumes a lot of energy. Pay more attention to the waist and hips. They are considered the most problematic areas. Contrast showers, massages, hula hoops will help you look good. When walking, draw the belly and strain your muscles press. Such an exercise will not only visually reduce the belly and waist, but also help to quickly get rid of excess fat deposits. Drink a glass of water before meals. So you partially fill the stomach, and eat a lot will not work. Give up spirits. Replace them with dry red wine. But not more than one glass per day. Drink natural coffee in the morning, caffeine helps break down fats. Give up mayonnaise. Prefer yoghurt-based sauces. They are much less calories, although no less tasty, also useful. Replace fried potatoes with boiled or baked. Eat lean meat. Be sure to eat fish, it contains good fats and amino acids. Once a week, arrange a fasting day on fruit or kefir. If you want sweet, then eat some fruit or jelly candy. Cakes and pastries allow you no more than once a month. Once a week you can eat marshmallows. Among the variety of diets, cottage cheese is considered to be rather benign, because cottage cheese is the main product of this method of losing weight - a tasty, healthy product and practically not boring.
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