Hello everyone!
We are coming close to the end of the Halloween Event, clean up your calendar and free up some hours so you can get your halloween wings!
Event will end this Friday, November 9th.

Mother of Raptors quest line will stay permanently in the server, might tune it up a little bit or change something in the future, but its a permanent new quest.

In the meantime, say hello to these new friends that will allow you to hop up and go into battle with them!
Ifrit, Deathknight, Blue Troll, Brute and Cricket!

Also, I have added the Item Transfer service in our Item Mall so you can do your transfers yourself.
This is not an item you get in game, this is a web service, it will be processed and completed automatically in our website.

The steps are explained in the description, but I'll explain here again:
1. You select your character where the item to be transferred is (it needs to be in that character's inventory)
2. You select the item you want to transfer
3. You type the name of your friend (receiver) and search for it.
4. If name is found, both characters (sender and receiver) are offline, and item is allowed to be transferred, the system will do the transfer.

As from now on, I will not be doing any more item transfers or AP transfers due to this being now automatic.