Changes made:

- Deep Desert 2 is now a level 70-80 zone and can be accessed by using the move to battlefield function. Mobs and drops will be updated in the future.
- Added a functionality to prevent you from using TP Runes from any action bar.
- Pressing S twice to perform a "dodge/jump/whatever its called" animation will now have a 5 seconds cool down.
- Fixed the map name you get when you are summoned by a party member.
- PvP Matches issue counting warrior/fighter guardian/defender classes as one is now fixed.
- PvP Matches maps have been changed. We will be testing this map to see if the size works. Also modified to allow 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5.
- Fixed Horizon Lapis.
- Bonus range you get from skills will now apply to mobs too. (ie: Long Range)
- Canyon of Greed map has been modified a little bit to see if we can get more fps out of it.
- Deep Desert 2 map has been modified to add portals, spawns and change the texture used by default because it was too bright.

- Bosses drops have been modified a little bit to see if we can get more randomness out of them so everyone in the raid can get something.
Instead of having all the drops like before, each boss will have 9 boxes as drop, each box will contain all previous drops and you will get 2 items of them.
Test it out and we will see if it's better or not. No more bananas, instead, mimics will drop some useful but not op items.