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    Unhappy Vote System

    Is there a deadline for it to work again?
    It's already many days like this.

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    Well you don't say what problem you are having. If you are unable to vote for the Oxigen site, it will be up to that site to fix whatever problem they are having there. The other 4 vote sites are working, at least for me they are.

    One thing that I just don't get, now that Oxigen is down, how on earth do some people still manage to get votes that count for that site? The link only worked for a mere 2 days at the beginning of July, before the site started to show up as being unable to connect to, yet still there are people on the top voters list who get 5 votes added EVERY SESSION. It's only thanks to that list that we can actually guage whether the votes are being counted or not. I'm not sure what's going on but it is certainly weird.



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