Dusk Dragon Special Promotion

Hello Eternians!

Due to popular demand, and since it appears that many people missed it, we are going to repeat this promotion just for this time,
to give the opportunity to our players to get our exclusive mount, the Dusk Dragon!

We have also implemented some changes in the Dragon after hearing players suggestions:

- The Dusk Dragon move speed has been increased from 25 to 28 when walking,
and from 28 to 30 when flying, making it the fastest mount available in game!
- A new unique special effect appears now around your Dragon:

For more info about how this promotion please read the FAQ below.

How does this promotion work?
It works linked with the Loyal Donator Rewards.
As you might know, that system rewards donators every month with packs full of valuable cash shop items, a title, and a special surprise.
And for this month, anyone who reaches Platinum or Diamond Donator tiers, will get the new Dusk Dragon mount on their surprise, instead of the usual mounts or pets.

So what do I get in total?
If you reach this tier, you will get the usual package corresponding to your tier, plus 1x Dragon Dusk Mount!

How much time do I have?
This promotion will end on May 31th, when the month ends.

I already donated this month, does it count for the total?
Of course! This is simply an extra addition, but the Loyal Donator Rewards system works the same as always.
Any donations done from 00:00 on May 1st to 23:59 on May 31st will be counted for the total.

I have already donated and reached any of those tiers, when do I get my Dusk Dragon?
You will receive your Dusk Dragon along with the Loyal Donator Rewards delivery on the usual schedule.
This is around the end of the first week of the next month, depending on how busy Staff is at that time.

Can I reach Platinum or Diamond tier with different accounts to get more than 1 Dusk Mount?
Yes, you can! We will reward each account counting the points that account donated, no matter who the owner is.
However, please remember that each account must reach the tier on its own.
You cannot combine the donations from several accounts to try and reach one tier on one single account.

Will this promotion happen again?
This promotion is planned for the month of May only, and it affects donations done only on this month.
We already have the normal Loyal Donator Rewards that give lots of free items to donators every month!
So this Dragon Dusk Promotion is a temporary an exclusive promotion.
We have repeated it only this time because many people missed it, but we can't promise that we will do it again.
So if you want this Dragon, make sure you don't miss the opportunity!

Remember to check the Loyal Donators Rewards thread if you need to know how the general system works.
If you want to know more about the Dragon Dusk Mount, you can visit the guide: Dragon Mounts.
If you have any doubts please send me a PM