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    May Update - Prologue to Arcadia

    Hello Eternians!
    Today we bring you a new update to start our journey towards the expansion.

    We know you have all been waiting patiently for news and updates, we apologize for our lateness on this matter and take responsibility.
    What we have prepared for you today is a new event, not quite in the same style you are accustomed to.

    The goal of this update is to allow new and returning players to catch up and be ready when the expansion comes. To be clear, the expansion will be here following the conclusion of this event. This event will allow you to gain levels rapidly and enter Alber. After completing Alber and hitting 230 you will begin the Prologue to Arcadia. You will be able to farm daily, gaining gold, items, and most importantly jewels!

    • New Event: Prologue to Arcadia. Information: Here
    • New Exchange Shops for Prologue Event.
    • New Daily Quests: After completing the Prologue story line, you will have 6 daily quests to complete.
    • New Leveling Quest Dailies - Alber Catch Up: Let you begin your journey in Alber at 215 extremely fast!
    • New Interface Addition: Now you can increase your stat points in increments of 10 instead of one at a time.
    • New Limited Equipment: After reaching level 215 you can get a free 215+17 set (untradable and unstoreable) at the Alliance Representative along with some potions.
    • Leveling Items in Cash Shop have been discounted 50%.

    As always, if you find something not working properly, please let us know by creating a thread on our Bug Reports section.

    We hope you enjoy this update!

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    Cool event, extremely useful to be able to take on the upcoming content. Great update as usual EG.

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    Live Update - May 18th

    Explanation: We have been monitoring the economy of the server regarding the influx of these items, as a result we have decided to decrease the overall amount that will be flowing in.
    • Increased spawn time on event mobs
    • Increased event mob HP
    • Decreased [Drop]Alliance Token drop rate slightly
    • Added small amount of SP gain on event mobs
    • Increased damage on Mysterious Dilamun General slightly to make similar to his Kailux partner
    • New NPCs now display on the map



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