Shaiya Ingame Rules

These are the rules you must follow while playing in our server. Some apply to social situations and others to game mechanics. Please read thoroughly.
There will be consequences if any of these rules are broken, varying from a simple warning to a permanent account ban depending on the gravity of the situation.

Social Rules

1. Impersonating GMs or Staff members
Attempting to pass by as a member of our staff for any reasons is against our rules.

2. Inappropriate Language
Insults and offensive language are not allowed in our Server. This also applies to character naming (in this case, an admin may modify the name of the character without a warning in advance).

3. Discrimination of any kind.
Attitudes such as racism, xenophobism, etc, will not be tolerated in our server.

4. Behavior with Staff members
While communicating with our staff members, you must be respectful and considerate. We are here to give you a service, so be polite.
If a Staff Member is in-game attempting to conduct events or communicate with other players, interrupting or causing disturbances will be considered as breaking this rule.
Spreading rumors about staff members is also considered as breaking this rule: if a player has proof that certain GM/GS is abusing their power, please let us know via private messaging.

5. Behavior with rest of the players
Spreading negative rumors about a player, accusing him, denouncing him, harassing him, is not allowed in our Server. If you have any complaints about a player, take Screenshots and report it via Forum in the "Behavior Reports" section (it is a private section in which only Admins and GMs can read your reports. The rest of the players will not see the post.)

6. Publicity
Publicity is completely forbidden in our server. These includes publicizing other servers, other services or products that are not related to EG Shaiya. Spreading hack links or key logging websites. Ban may be permanent in this rule, depending on offense.

Game Rules

1. Hacks
This is considered one of the worst offense. In severe cases, we will block access to the whole IP net of the offender.

2. Buying or selling items/accounts.
The following are not allowed: buy/sell items/accounts for real money, buy/sell items/accounts for items/accounts from other Servers, and from other non-GF Online products/services.

3. Fraud / Scam
Victims of scam will rarely get any items back, since tracing such items probes to be extremely difficult. But, if enough evidence is presented, the scammer will surely get permanently banned.

4. Bots and Macros
Unattended use of automation software, either bots or macros is totally forbidden. Violation of this rule may imply the removing of the farmed gold/materials.

5. Bug Abuse
Any bug abuse is forbidden. Finding any kind of bug must be reported immediately. Any advantage obtained from bug abuse might end in item removal.

6. GRB Multi Raid - Boss Reset
This is NOT allowed in our server. Killing GRB bosses more than once in the same GRB session is considered an illegal action and could result in your account being banned and/or your guild disbanded.
Please be aware that if you and your guild are caught doing multi-raids, you could receive a 7 days ban on all the players involved, with no chance of changing guild leadership in the meantime.
We want also to state that leaving the GRB and joining it minutes after, so your character can run it again, is also going to be taken under the same rules.

7. Stat Padding:
Stat padding is defined as killing a character who willingly and consistently allows him/herself to be killed with the objective of helping other players increase their kill count. Any user caught stat padding (both killing and being killed) will receive a ban and have all their kills wiped from all characters. Additional action may be taken for repeat offenders and or a permanent ban can be issued to the player.

8. Boss Killing - Boss Raid - Calling Bosses
All boss killings/raids must be called at least 3 times within your faction. Going for a boss is considered a group action and you must always have your Union Party open so everyone can join. It's against our rules to kick someone from your party while doing a boss unless that member is not helping take the boss down or it's afk. You can only close or kick joining members if the boss HP is below 30%.
Note: If 2 or more raids are going for the same boss, the smaller one will have to join the bigger one so everyone can participate.

Punishment for Server Rules
1st Offense: depending on the offense, you can get between a warning and 1-3 days temporal ban.
2nd and next Offenses: 7-15 days ban, or even permanent.
For rules 4 and 5, item removal might be issued as well.

Account Related Rules

1) Accounts
Ownership of an account is determined by the associated email with which it was created. If you are playing with an account and you do not have access to that email, you might lose it if the actual creator of the account claimns it as his or hers. It doesn't matter who trained a character or farmed items for it, only the owner of the email to which the account is linked is consider as the owner of the account.
Remember: a player who never shares his/her account with others, will never lose a single item to thieving.

2) Account thieving
If you lose access to your account, you can always use the linked email to claim it back. Please, consider that the only way you can lose your account and any items on it, is by you willingly sharing its information, or by you using a system which is infected by a keylogger of some kind. Admins will not take responsibility in any of this cases, but will try to help you recovering your account. But, as with the scamming rule, no items will be returned.

3) Investigating and access to accounts
If any account is suspected in anyway, admins have the right to log it without previous notification to the owner. Only the admins will have this right, no other member of our staff will ever login your account. Admins do NOT need you to give your personal information for this, so please NEVER share your personal information with anyone in-game.
In case of account thieving investigation, Admins may ban accounts for undetermined time until investigation is over.

The above rules may change according to need. Any changes will be properly announced.
Please report every player who breaks these rules via this section: Behaviour Reports

To effectively make a report, your must present hard evidence: Screenshots (multiple items will be appreciated) or Videos. Reports that are only a tale of what you saw are not valid, except as reference in case a solid report is made.

Please contact the admins if you have any doubts.

Admin Jiren:
Email: [email protected]

Admin UZC:
Email: ...