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    Update: Year of the Dog!

    Happy Year of the Dog

    It's a little late but our cheap workforce has finished it duties on decorating your most visited places in a festive way. Go around the main cities and enjoy the view!
    With this update you will have new things to discover.

    - Active Event: Silo of the Lambs
    -- Quest: Help Trill or Ronnie collect the Fortune Fruits that the Evil Lambs stole.
    -- Quest: The other Lambs are making fun of Sheena for not having enough wool. Help her out by fighting the evil inside the Silo of the Lambs.
    -- Event Party Dungeon for groups of 2 to 7 players.

    - New Pets:
    -- Mushu (a little doggo)
    -- Rainbow Bird (a not that little bird)

    - New Costumes
    -- The Jester
    -- Pretty Guardian
    -- Golden Blade

    - Portal Locations:
    -- Keoloseu Ville: (x: 1002, z: 742)
    -- Gliter: (x: 965, z: 1056)

    - NPC Locations:
    -- Ronnie: Reika Village (x: 566, z: 1736)
    -- Mushu: Keolloseu Ville (x: 933, z: 806)
    -- Dasher: Keolloseu Ville (x: 1009, z: 786)
    -- Sheena: Gliter (x: 1000, z: 744)
    -- Trill: Aridon Village (x: 238, z: 187)
    -- Mushu: Aridon Village (x: 236, z: 187)
    -- Dasher: Aridon Village (x: 234, z: 187)
    -- Sheena: Gliter (x: 967, z: 1057)

    - Fixes & Changes
    -- Fixed GRB Point earning.
    --- You will now get points in GRB, just like before.
    -- Added new drops to GRB Bosses:
    --- You can now get Lapis Lv7, Lv8, & Lv9, Perfect Recreation Rune, Perfect Weapon/Armor Lapisia Boxes Lv3.
    -- Added new drops to GRB Mobs:
    --- You can now get Mechanic Lapis #1, #2 & #3, FC Lv3-5.
    -- Added missing text to quest Wings of Greendieta.
    -- Added new quests for Year of the Dog Event.
    -- Added Forbid and Assault Lapis Lv8 and Lv9.
    --- You will get these lapises from the same places as the others.
    -- Gold Drop on Death was changed and it's now based on your character level. You will drop between [(500~3000) x Character Level].
    -- ItemDrop and EquipmentDrop have been disabled.
    --- By disabling these 2 functions I can now remove the automatic renewal of buffs.

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    New Costumes
    Female Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (example)

    Male Golden Blade, The Jester, Pretty Guardian (example)

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