Hello Eternians! Easter Event is here!

Easter Eggs Drops
Gold Booster
Item Drop Booster
Skill Point Booster
Medal of the Mercenary
EG Easter 2018 Token
Easter Egg I
Easter Egg II
Easter Egg III

Easter Eggs Contents

Easter Egg I - 10 Token.
Platinum Large Quick Healing Potion
Platinum Large Quick Mana Potion
Platinum Large Quick Dual Recovery Potion
Memory Scroll Expansion Card
Warehouse Storage Card
Attack Speed Booster(5%)
Attack Speed Booster(10%)
Attack Speed Booster(15%)
White Bunny Ears Box
Brown Bunny Ears Box
Silver Small HP Boost Potion
Silver Medium HP Boost Potion

Easter Egg II - 10 Token.
Platinum HP Regeneration Potion
Platinum MP Regeneration Potion
Siege Power Booster
Siege Protection
Siege Defense
Siege Stamina
Berserker Potion
Platinum Pet Experience Potion
White Bunny Backpack Box
Brown Bunny Backpack Box
Silver Small MP Boost Potion
Silver Medium MP Boost Potion

Easter Egg III - 10 Token.
Potion of Pet Healing
Perfect Stone
Holy Water of Strength
Silver Magic Totem
Blue Yaksa Totem
Platinum Strength Potion
Platinum Dexterity Potion
Platinum Intelligence Potion
Platinum Constitution Potion
I celebrated Easter and only got this title
Silver Small HP & MP Boost Potion
Silver Medium HP & MP Boost Potion

We hope you enjoy the event!