Updates for today!
I've been working on a security system for my account and future staff accounts to prevent logins from unauthorized IP addresses. That way we are all secure from people stealing staff accounts. Not that will happen, but you are never too safe.

Now the changes:
- Etain Cores are now tradable.
- Temporal Costumes & Pets are now tradable.
- Fixed a few portals in GRB.
- GRB Time changed to Sunday 18hs Server Time.

No more super mega duper XP for low tier PVP
- Players at level 15, 30 and 60 will not get any XP from killing other players in their respective pvp maps.
- Players at level 15, 30 and 60 will get reduced XP from killing mobs in their respective pvp maps and grb. It's just normal x1 xp divided by 8, so.. very low.

Wings Quest
- Added Feather of Beauty to all mobs in Caelum Sacra / Greendieta. (low rate)
- Added Feather of Bravery to Sacra Royal Guard. (medium low rate)
- Added Feather of Nobility to Dios Exiel. (medium rate)
-- With this change you now can get all the wings currently in game by doing the quests.

- Added to drops at Lv15 and Lv30 PVP Maps:
-- Star of Hephaestus
-- Star of Poseidon
-- Star of Demeter
-- Star of Aeolus

- Adjusted some drop rates in zones.
- Fixed some level 80 Capes that were not supposed to be dyeable.

As always... rates are not final, changes could come.