Hello Eternians! Valentine's Event is here!

While couples celebrate their love inside the walls of Juno, on the outside some dark ladies have appeared through all the map.
They are the Heartbroken Brides, and if you find any, you better kill them before they kill you!

As always, our event brings many amazing rewards for you to get, through regular monsters dropping tokens, boxes,
and some items, and also through bosses around the map. You will find all the information below.

Regular Monsters Drop

[Event] Heartbroken Healer, [Event] Heartbroken Mage, [Event] Heartbroken Rogue
Valentine's Red Heart
Valentine's Blue Heart
Valentine's Pink Heart
Gold Booster
Item Drop Booster
Skill Point Booster
Coin of Master
EG Valentine's 2018 Token
EG Valentine's 2018 Box 1
EG Valentine's 2018 Box 2

Boss Monsters Drop

[Event Boss] Heartbroken Healer, [Event Boss] Heartbroken Mage, [Event Boss] Heartbroken Rogue
Valentine's Red Heart
Valentine's Blue Heart
Valentine's Pink Heart
Heart of Black horse
Heart of White horse
Heart of Brown horse
Experience Booster
Attack Speed Booster(10%)
Attack Speed Booster(20%)
Jewel Pocket Grade 13
Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 13
Jewel Pocket Grade 14
Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 14

Boss Monsters Information

6 Hours


Valentine's Boxes

Valentine's Box 1 - 5 Token
Red Chocolate x5
White Chocolate x5
Valentine's Red Heart x5
Valentine's Blue Heart x5
Valentine's Pink Heart x5
Medal of the Mercenary x5
Medium Medicine x5
Strong Medicine x5
Silver Small HP Boost Potion
Silver Small MP Boost Potion
Silver Small HP & MP Boost Potion
Wedding Costume Box

Valentine's Box 2 - 10 Token
Valentines Ribbon x5
Valentines Cookie x5
Valentines Cherry x5
Valentines Chocolate Heart x5
Valentines Rose x5
Valentines Candle x5
MP steal potion
HP steal potion
Silver Medium HP Boost Potion
Silver Medium MP Boost Potion
Silver Medium HP & MP Boost Potion
Thai Costume Box

We hope you enjoy this event, Happy Valentine's!