Hello Eternians! As always in this time of the year, we bring to you a special update Christmas themed!
Read below to know all the details this update includes.

  • Snowed Juno decorated for Christmas: Christmas has arrived to Eternia, celebrate with us on this decorated Juno map.
  • Login and loading screens are now Christmas themed: Make sure you have the music turned on in your game options, and enjoy :^ )
  • Artifact Hunter Event: We activated this event again for a limited time! Artifact Hunter
  • Special Double Event: Starting today and until day 31, we will have double event activated in our server! That is 10 full days of double event! Please enjoy! Double Event
  • Christmas Event: Christmas Event is in game! Kill snowmans and get amazing items, complete quests and win costumes, decorate the tree to receive gifts, and enjoy exclusive event prizes! Christmas Event 2017
  • Christmas Wishes Event: Ask for something special you want to receive this Christmas! If you are lucky, and your wish is accepted, Santa will deliver it to you! <3 Christmas Wishes 2017
  • Christmas Screenshots Event: Win cash sharing pictures of your character in a Christmas Costume! Christmas Screenshots 2017
  • New Event Boss Respawn Announcement System: From now on, when an event boss respawns, a message will appear in your screen to let you know! Remember that we also have a map with locations you can find on the event thread.
  • Crystalized Monsters on Telerium had their attack reduced: Now they will deal much less damage, so the quests requiring these monsters will be easier to do.
  • Teleporters Improved: Now you can travel to more locations!

Cash Shop

  • Santa Hat Box - 49
  • Christmas Weapon Box - 199
  • Titan's Santa Suit - 499
  • Knight's Santa Suit - 499
  • Healer's Santa Suit - 499
  • Mage's Santa Suit - 499
  • Rogue's Santa Suit - 499
  • Sorcerer's Santa Suit - 499
  • NightShadow's Santa Suit - 499
  • Titan Snowman Costume - 499
  • Knight Snowman Costume - 499
  • Healer Snowman Costume - 499
  • Mage Snowman Costume - 499
  • Rogue Snowman Costume - 499
  • Sorcerer Snowman Costume - 499
  • NightShadow Snowman Costume - 499

We hope you enjoy this update! Merry Christmas!

If you find any bug please create a thread on the Bug Reports Section