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    The event is closed!

    We will review the entries and announce the winners on the next days.

    Good luck! ^^

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    Hello Eternians! I'm here to announce the winners of this event.
    Since we had many participants, we have decided to choose 10 winners
    They are:

    1st: Em3rald

    Quote Originally Posted by Strauss View Post
    IGN : Em3rald
    Wish : 20kk Dilamun Affinity
    Dear Santa,
    i put hard work into my lil beauty but a few weeks ago i decided that the red look suits more than the blue of Kaliux, so i changed all and still miss a bit of Dilamun affi.
    Since the festive color is red aswell i wish for the missing 20kk points and fulfill my red-dream.
    Feel free to take a snack on the cookies and milk, happy xmas c:

    - The Bird
    2nd: NotCryWhenUDie

    Quote Originally Posted by namikazemanuel View Post
    IGN: NotCryWhenUDie
    Wish: b6 eva ring
    Reason: Dear Santa,
    I would really like this b6 because i like rings, this in particular is too swag!
    Collecting royal rumble medals has become quite impossible, since there are never enough participants.. I know this gift is quite expensive and, if you agree to do it, I'll have to skip next year's gift xd
    Is the only one thing i miss in game.. then please help me and show me your goodness <3
    3rd: VoVoKiller

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkFuneral View Post
    IGN*: VoVoKiller
    Wish*: unicorn blue
    Reason*: Dear Santa Claus i wish one unicorn blue because i'm come back the next month i really love this game and you too ^^ if i would this unicorn the real reason it's i love animals and i love fairy world this unicorn it's the best gift u can give to for me ty Santa DragonBorn and Santa Arashu
    4th: Fail

    Quote Originally Posted by Fail View Post
    IGN: Fail
    Wish: I would like the Dusk Dragon please
    Reason: Dear Santa, I would like the Dusk Dragon please its a amazing looking mount to ride around on. I’ve been busy this year I finished school and got my first job and worked my butt off to do it, well I’m still doing it.

    P.S You guys are doing amazing with this server and y’all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
    5th: BrokenWings

    Quote Originally Posted by GodZeuS View Post
    IGN: Brokenwings
    Wish: max jinarr affinity
    Dear Santa,
    Jinarr affinity has to be farmed in the one and only Tomb of Teos, and for a small man like me it's a very dangerous place to be in.
    I hope you can help me to obtain those jinarr pills to boost my hp a little bit, so I can overcome my fear!
    And from that day on I'll will no longer be the small man that I ones was, but A real warrior of eternia!
    6th: Kaneki

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneki View Post
    IGN: Kaneki
    Wish: B6 Hitrate ring
    Reason: On a Christmas night, while I was walking back home, I stopped by a jewelry shop. I wanted to buy a necklace for my mom and surprise her for Christmas! I've looked through and found the right one, handed the money to the shop owner and put it in a nice looking bag!

    By the time I got out of the shop it was raining heavily, so I've rushed back home. I had called my mom a couple times before that but she wouldn't answer the phone. When I got back home the lights were off even though I know my mom never leaves them off when she's home so I thought she'd gone out.

    I went to my room, had a change of clothes and called my mom again a few moments later, however.. she did not pick up the phone. As I was calling I heard something in the living in room so I went to take a look.. I was hearing my mom's phone ringing in her room. I knocked the door and shouted "Mom!, are you in there?" but there was no response. I slammed the door and broke through, just to see a note left saying "If you want your mother back alive, bring this item to this address. If you dare call the police, you won't be seeing your mother again."

    Dear Santa, I ask you to fulfill my wish so I can save my mom, please!
    7th: [GS]Zarkos

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarkos View Post
    IGN: [GS]Zarkos
    Wish: 3x Coral - Level 15
    Reason:Since i am playing Last Chaos i didn't finish my Sorcerer Set yet... There are still missing alot of Corals 15..
    It's not easy to get them with the Fusion system and they are really rare on the market too..
    I would love to get closer to my dream of a full level 15 set...

    So Santa, if you read this... Don't let my Dreams be Dreams and help me out...
    Ty for your attention and your hard work to make us happy :P
    8th: MyBowInYourFace

    Quote Originally Posted by Tylenol View Post
    IGN: MyBowInYourFace
    Wish: 30M cursed dilamun affinity
    Reason: i feel i have been good this year my biggest accomplishment this year was getting phoenix costume approved by staff
    i have spent many years on lastchaos and my dream is to achieve 30 million cursed dilamun affinity atleast on 1 account. which i have not yet achieved.
    9th: AngelSkillz

    Quote Originally Posted by glont2 View Post
    IGN : AngelSkillz
    Wish : Socket Reset Cards
    Reason : Dear Santa, i wanna socket my set and i need a lot of Socket Reset Card's and is expensive for little guys xD
    10th: ZweetDreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Trintum View Post
    IGN: ZweetDreams
    Wish: Socket Reset Cards
    Reason: Like AngelSkillz, i want to socket my set completely and they are really expensive (if somebody sells them).. I already worked hard just to get my set to nearly 6 sockets but i cant affort more over all :x
    Congratulations to the winners! Your prizes will be sent to you soon.
    They will be delivered through the statue or edited in your characters directly.
    If some need to be given in person, we will PM you here in forum first, so check your inbox often!
    We will announce on this thread when all prizes are delivered. Thank you all for participating!

    Edit: All prizes have been sent!
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