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    Christmas Event 2017

    Hello Eternians! Our Christmas Event has arrived!

    Snowman Drops
    Christmas Cookie
    Chirstmas Candy Cane
    Christmas Star
    Gold Booster
    Item Drop Booster
    Skill Point Booster
    EG Christmas 2017 Token
    Christmas Gift Box I
    Christmas Gift Box II
    Christmas Gift Box III
    Christmas Gift Box IV
    Christmas Gift Box V
    Christmas Gift Box VI

    Giant Snowman Drops
    Christmas Cookie
    Chirstmas Candy Cane
    Christmas Star
    Experience Booster
    Holiday Light 5 Days
    Platinum Adrenaline
    Berserker Potion
    Jewel Pocket Grade 13
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 13
    Jewel Pocket Grade 14
    Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 14
    Mysterious Carrot

    Giant Snowman Information

    6 Hours

    580, 1315
    1265, 700

    Gift Boxes Contents

    Christmas Gift Box I
    1 Token

    Christmas Blue Small Candy
    Christmas Red Small Candy
    Christmas Purple Small Candy
    Christmas Green Small Candy
    Christmas Yellow Small Candy
    Christmas Orange Small Candy
    Physical Attack Mineral Lv.14
    Physical Defense Mineral Lv.14

    Christmas Gift Box II
    2 Token

    Christmas Blue Big Candy
    Christmas Red Big Candy
    Christmas Purple Big Candy
    Christmas Green Big Candy
    Christmas Yellow Big Candy
    Christmas Orange Big Candy
    Magical Attack Mineral Lv.14
    Magical Defense Mineral Lv.14

    Christmas Gift Box III
    3 Token

    Moon Cake
    Chistmas Warehouse Ticket 1 Day
    Christmas Grocer Ticket 1 Day
    Platinum Strength Potion
    Platinum Dexterity Potion
    Platinum Intelligence Potion
    Platinum Constitution Potion

    Christmas Gift Box IV
    4 Token

    Medal of the Mercenary x5
    Christmas Life Searcher 1 Day
    Reindeer Pet Change Book
    Siege Power Booster
    Siege Protection
    Restart Raid Dungeon
    Platinum Blessed Iris
    Socket Reset Card

    Christmas Gift Box V
    5 Token

    Decoration Cake
    Big Snowman
    Cursed Emblem of Destruction x5
    Cursed Emblem of Annihilation x5
    Cursed Emblem of Extinction x5
    Siege Defense
    Siege Stamina
    Lucky Spell Book
    Platinum Pet Experience Potion
    Advanced Grade Re-Former

    Christmas Gift Box VI
    6 Token

    Christmas Ribbon
    Christmas Snowflake
    Christmas Reindeer
    Christmas Drum
    Christmas Tree
    Christmas Snowman
    Christmas Angel
    Christmas Bell
    Christmas Sock
    Christmas Mistletoe


    Snowman Costume
    2500 Token - Snowman Costume Box

    Santa Costume
    2500 Token - Santa Costume Box

    Christmas Weapon Cover
    1000 Token - Christmas Weapon Box

    Santa Hat
    250 Token - Santa Hat Box

    They last 3 days

    Christmas Ribbon
    Attack: 2000
    Melee Physical Attack: 1000
    Ranged Physical Attack: 1000
    Magic Attack: 1000

    Christmas Snowflake
    Defense: 1000
    Melee Physical Defense: 500
    Ranged Physical Defense: 500
    Magic Defense: 500

    Christmas Reindeer
    Hit Rate: 400
    Melee Physical Hit Rate: 200
    Ranged Physical Hit Rate: 200
    Magic Hit Rate: 200

    Christmas Drum
    Evasion: 200
    Melee Physical Evasion: 100
    Ranged Physical Evasion: 100
    Magic Evasion: 100

    Christmas Tree
    HP: 2000
    HP: 20%
    HP Regen: 200%
    Move Speed: 20%

    Christmas Snowman
    MP: 2000
    MP: 20%
    MP Regen: 200%
    Move Speed: 20%

    Christmas Angel
    Weapon Attack: 10%
    Armor Defense: 10%
    Increase HP Pet & Elemental: 10000
    Increase attack Pet & Elemental: 1200

    Christmas Bell
    Block Rate: 5%
    Block Rate: 5%
    Increase Critical Chance: 200%
    Increase Deadly Chance: 200%

    Christmas Sock
    Strenght: 256
    Dexterity: 256
    Strength: 5%
    Dexterity: 5%

    Christmas Mistletoe
    Intelligence: 256
    Constitution: 256
    Intelligence: 5%
    Constitution: 5%

    Christmas Cookie - Recover 8,000 MP over 5 seconds.
    Christmas Candy Cane - Recover 8,000 HP over 5 seconds.
    Christmas Star - Recover 10,000 HP + MP over 5 seconds
    Christmas Blue Small Candy - MP +500 during 10 min.
    Christmas Red Small Candy - HP +500 during 10 min.
    Christmas Purple Small Candy - Evasion +250 during 10 min.
    Christmas Green Small Candy - HitRate +250 during 10 min.
    Christmas Yellow Small Candy - Defense +250 during 10 min.
    Christmas Orange Small Candy - Attack +250 during 10 min.
    Christmas Blue Big Candy - MP +1000 during 10 min.
    Christmas Red Big Candy - HP +1000 during 10 min.
    Christmas Purple Big Candy - Evasion +500 during 10 min.
    Christmas Green Big Candy - HitRate +500 during 10 min.
    Christmas Yellow Big Candy - Defense +500 during 10 min.
    Christmas Orange Big Candy - Attack +500 during 10 min.

    Official Christmas Event

    The old Christmas Event is also activated! So you can also:

    • Get a special gift every 60 minutes (only outside cities).
    • Offer decorations to the tree, to get a x4 drop buff. The more decorations the tree receives, the longer the buff will last.
    • Also offering decorations the tree will drop items once in a while. We have changed those items too! The tree will drop:

    Ninja Powder
    Despaired Charm
    Curse Removal Scroll
    Green Lucky Pouch
    Green Candle
    Chaos Ball
    Medium Medicine

    Christmas Special Prize Boxes for GS & GM Events

    You can get exclusive Prize Boxes on GS & GM Events! The box gives all items at once.

    Christmas Special Prize Box
    Santa Hat Box
    Christmas Weapon Box
    Platinum Shield
    Platinum Magic Shield
    Platinum Agility Potion
    Platinum Concentration Potion
    Platinum Berserker Potion
    Platinum Power Potion
    Platinum Crit Potion
    Platinum Scroll of Magic Attack

    We hope you like this event. Merry Christmas!
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