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    Guild Buffs


    I wonder if it's possible to let GA's have acces to guild buffs aswell.
    Since alot of people pvp (and even for pve) It's useful to have guild buffs, but the issue is that only the guild master has acces to them.

    This causes people to make their own "solo" guild for the buffs and alot of people don't join other guilds for this reason.
    So maybe if GA's had acces to guild buffs aswell it would make more people join other guilds instead of splitting up and sitting alone in their own.
    Also the guild owner still decides which person he assigns to be a GA and can remove the position whenever he wants.

    I know that guild masters can use the buffs on other people in his party but it's annoying to ask for them all the time.
    It would be cool if for example: the guildmaster goes afk and one of his GA's wants to do some pvp, the guildmaster makes him GA, so gives him acces to the buffs and when the guildmaster gets back and he doesn't want the GA to put the guild skills on cooldown anymore he can remove the guild advisor status and use the buff for himself again.
    if that makes any sense.

    Does anyone else agree or has an opinion on this?
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