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    Post buff shop

    hello eternia soo ive been thinking and wondering if it was a possibility to getting a buff shop i know we do have 1 already but we need event tokens to open buff boxes but the problem im having is that i never see any gamesages online for me to participate in events and or even win an event to get these tokens to get buffs. soo maybe we can make a buff shop it defeats the purpose of making new characters and multi logg some of us can not run more then 1 client without our computers lagging or crashing soo that sucks for us... anyways just an idea i see many other servers with this type of shop that everyone seems to love.. but again like i always say there is no other server like eternia #1 for me this is my home server

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    It has always been and currently is our belief that this isn't what we want for our server, we understand some players have experienced it elsewhere and liked it, however currently the Dev team doesn't share this view.

    Buffs become something of very little value when everyone can obtain them readily at any moment, they stop becoming buffs and just become an expected part of the game. We don't want to devalue buffs to that point yet, however we will always consider any suggestions and alternative ideas as our ideas can evolve.



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