so after i just read the bringing the community thread i thought of an idea that i thought would be awesome, here is my idea

so i have been playing last-chaos since day 1 and i can remember that in the original game becoming a phoenix members was once a great achievement having the phoenix armor which in my opinion it looks so good the colors and all it really is unique in my perspective but the problem being here is that its soo easy to level up in this game that items such as the phoenix armor and other iconic armors are pretty much useless especially since we receive the eternia starter boxes +20 gear anyways i thought it would be a good idea if maybe and possibly we can have a new costume in game too makes it a phoenix costume box of course you would have to become a phoenix member if we could meld our 230 gear to a phoenix costume cover or something similar to it, i think it would be so cool anyways sorry for my bad spelling and typing but i just thought id tell someone and see what others thought