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    Bringing the community togheter

    Hello everyone, First of all for the people who don't know who I am, my ingame name is GodZeus.
    i've been playing this game for quite a while now, and i've seen & heard alot of things.
    So i'm not talking for myself now but i'm trying to talk in the name of the eternia community.

    Alot of people seem to be upset with the recent changes, and things that don't get changed.
    I have come up with an idea to try to change this issue.
    And yes to the eternia staff members, I know that "we" (the community) can be harsh sometimes, and that we didn't always show appreciation for the effort and time that you guys put into this game,
    But I say we leave that chapter behind, and replace it with a clean start.

    However after this long and boring introduction we finnaly come to the point that matters
    What exactly is my idea?

    I think we should create a thread and change it to a system that allows players to add idea's to it in the comments.
    People can come up with any idea's/changes from class balancing to adding a new boss, or to create a new costume.. Literally anything!
    Each month, after we have gathered some idea's, the staff members can pick 3-5 of the best idea's and put them into a list.
    Then players should be able to vote on which of the 3-5 idea's they think is the coolest and should be implemented into the game.

    With this system I hope to create an opportunity for every single eternia member to add their own idea's to the table and most importantly, put their own vote on the idea's that they think are the coolest.

    The good thing about this is that the staff members can choose between our idea's and pick the ones that fit in their scedule, and are possible to do,
    and at the same time we get cool updates that "we" as a community voted for.

    I know this will not be easy, but if we work togheter and most importantly communicate and respect one another, We could make anything happen!

    Kind regards, The community

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    Players are ALWAYS welcome to leave their suggestions on a thread or sending us a PM. We always read their suggestions, consider if it's a good idea, and implement them if possible. If the ideas are good, we will do them with no problem, there doesn't need to be a vote for that, there's no need to choose!

    The problem is, we rarely get any ideas that aren't "make the game easier" or "give me more free cash items". Players ideas are usually biased, since they're from the point of view of an individual player and not from the point of view of someone who sees what's best for the server as a whole and knows how things work. However, sometimes there are good ideas that players gave, and we implemented them.

    But voting is something we will never do. Because there have been many times in the past in which people have grouped themselves and made pacts, and told others to vote for something, to try and force staff to do things, even if those things weren't the best for the server, or what the server truly wanted in general.

    This came to be a huge problem with the class balance for example, in which players literally grouped in the arena and told their friends to spam threads in the forums saying the same thing, to make it look like "the community wanted it", and like that try to make Staff do changes that were unfair. This is why class balance suggestions are only done by PM now, and analyzed and tested one by one no matter who sends it.

    But like I said, you don't need to vote because you don't need to choose. If you truly have 5 good ideas, then post the 5 of them! Send me a PM with them if you don't want to make a thread or your account doesn't have the requirements yet. This goes for you, and for any other player in the server.

    If the ideas really are good then we will consider the 5 of them, there's no need to choose. Of course, that doesn't mean we will do them unless we agree that those ideas are good ourselves. But nothing it's stopping you from suggesting them. The problem is we rarely see any threads or PM with ideas, most of the times they're just complaints.

    We know the server needs changes and new content, and that is what exactly have been working on right now. However we cannot give any information, because too many times it has hurt the server a lot, when we have given details. We need to keep things very secret until we're ready to give you the surprise. But that doesn't mean we aren't doing anything. On the contrary, Dragon an I have been working really hard since the last update to prepare the next patch.

    If you want us to take any idea in consideration, then please open a thread with the ideas you have, and we will gladly listen. Like I said, we won't be able to tell you right away "yes we will do this", or "no we won't do this", because we cannot give information about what comes in the next patch anymore. But we will definitely read everything carefully.

    We only ask you to have patience and give us time to work on what we're doing, I promise it will be worth it



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