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    GameSage Recruitment - September 2017

    Hello Eternians! We have come to you today with a new GameSage Recruitment!
    We are in dire need of dedicated individuals with proven knowledge to help our server.
    If you want to join us and have a great time helping us improve the server, don't miss the opportunity and apply!

    What are we looking for?
    • People who want to help the server and have time to dedicate it to it.
    • Mature attitude: people who can work on a team and be friendly to Staff and to other players.
    • Experience and good knowledge of Last Chaos in general, and our server in particular.
    • Decent english level (enough to communicate with the Staff and Community without using google translator).

    What are the duties of a Gamesage?
    • Be active in game and forums, giving support to players with their doubts and issues.
    • Report any kind of problem that appears on the game like bugs or server errors to High Staff.
    • Monitoring Sieges and reporting people breaking the rules.
    • Do GameSage Events.

    To send an application, Click Here.
    The Recruitment will be open from September 2nd to September 25th.

    We had some issues in previous recruitments, with people not reading this post before applying, sending the applications in the wrong language, or simply using the form to send rude comments to Staff. Because of that, please remember:

    • All applications must be sent IN ENGLISH. As the post says, you need to know basic english to be a GameSage. If you are not capable of even sending the application in english, which only contains a few questions, then you don't know enough english to be a GS.
    • Send your application only if you're seriously applying to be a GS. Do not use this form to complain about Staff, send a full application in caps, or write joke or trolling answers.

    Maybe some of you think that we don't read the answers, but we do! This is not a lottery, we carefully read each application before deciding who to choose. Applications who don't follow the rules will be considered invalid and you will lose the opportunity of being a GameSage.
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    The application time has been extended until Monday, September 25th.
    Please make sure to send your application before that date!



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