Hello Eternians,

it has come to our attention that quite a few players in our server are breaking the Royal Rumble rules constantly, by teaming up with others and attacking in group instead of 1vs1. In consecuence to this, then other people does the same to fight against them. And now both sides are both cheating and trying to report each other for cheating.

This is a situation that can't continue.

This is the last warning we will make about this issue. If after the moment this message is posted, anyone else is caught breaking any of the Royal Rumble Rules, they will receive a ban, all their medals will be removed (from that character and any other character that shares the same IP), and we might even consider removing the Royal Rumble System and their rewards completely.

We reworked this system to try and give more life to PvP, because that's what players wanted, and we made amazing rewards available to make it worth it. Yet many people are acting with greed and ungratefulness, ruining it for the rest.

We won't allow any kind of cheating in our server, so please play fair from now on.

- EG Staff.