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    Eternia Games changes :D

    hey folks,
    basically eternia last chaos is my favourite last chaos server, since it has one of the best pvp systems which could be updated from time to time and i want to thank to the dev team that they made it possible that the server is still alive. But as we all know the server has a very low population which comes from that the most people want to play a server where they can get all stuff easily and be ready to pvp after some days or weeks i also appreciate that you want to be different to other servers and i also see that you made the game alot easier by adding starter quests + affinity dailys etc
    but here is the point people come to the server lvl up to 230 maybe and quit if they run into arena and getting one shot by one of the old players who already have everything, then they start to ask how this is possible. We are telling them that the need to upgrade gear and have to get jewels etc. So they ask how to get them and we tell them to kill the event bosses, which are mostl impossible to kill for them because all highlvl players kill them to make gold. So the point i want to tell you is that it wouldnt be that bad to add an easier way to get jewels, and i know you already added lvl 8 jewels at infested etc, but thats not the same as you may know Maybe some old players say its not fair because they worked hard to get the jewels, but to be honest i also spent like some trills to get all my jewels but well i dont care because there is nothing to do without other players for me Also it wouldnt be that bad to add stealers and mabe pbi at the npc for newbies make them untradeable and only obtainable under lvl 230 or something like that I know you may loose some cash buyer because of that, which doesnt help the server but if they people see eternia games get more people and they start coming back there will be more people who wanna donate aswell

    This is just a personal oppinion, i would like to hear some other oppinions aswell

    Doesnt want to offend anybody

    PS: i created a pvp thread ones at the old forum if you still have it it would be cool if you add it again for the other people

    Have a nice day -xClassiC

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    i agree with that

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    What you say is right. I think, without unbalancing too much, they might add something like that

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    We already have the planning done for the next 2 future patches, but suggestions are always helpful so we will take this into account. However the implementation of any of these suggestions will depend on how it matches with the changes that we already have planned. But thank you for suggesting them to us anyways, we will have it in mind

    The old forum sadly was deleted, so I don't think I can find that thread for you anymore. We did a quick backup of our own official posts before that, but we couldn't save every thread made by players. However if you want you can create it again and post it on the Questions & Doubts section, and I will sticky it for you ^^.



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