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    Social Networks

    Social Networks

    Hello Eternians!

    On this thread you can see all the info about our social network accounts.
    Remember that any other account that does not appear here is not official and has no relation with us.
    If you want to like, follow and suscribe please check the links below!

    Eternia Games Last Chaos

    This is our actual Facebook page:


    We have created a new twitter account!
    If you find any that it's not this one please know that they are old and inactive and this is the one we will be using from now on:

    Eternia Games Last Chaos

    We have also created a new Youtube Channel! We will use this channel to post videos in the future to advertise our server
    Link here:

    Please Like us, Follow us and Suscribe!
    Following these accounts you will get all the news about our server very fast and you will also help us advertising.
    We will also do special events in the future on these social networks, don't miss it!
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